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Chairman Desk

“Seeds of faith are always within us; sometimes it takes a crisis to nourish and encourage their growth.”

Our esteemed Institute of Chartered Accountant of India (“Institute”) completes its 71 years of existence and it is a proud moment for all of us. The Institute is constantly innovating, upgrading and making itself enriched for all of us. In return, we as the members also have the responsibility, in fact duty towards our Institute and such responsibility can be shared if we take interest in Institutes various activities, interact with each other and share our views.

1st July- Foundation Day was celebrated with lot of fanfare. Our branch has organized this time unique way to celebrate CA Day “VIRTUAL CA DAY CELEBRATION”. In which we got more than 7,000 audiences in virtual mode and 75 participants who have uploaded their videos.

With rapid recognition of growing pandemic COVID-19, the integrated and timely approach of Indian Government to encourage social distancing has continued to benefit the country. The countrymen tirelessly engaged in serving during these hard times deserve to be thanked.

With the ease and comfort that this home-stay comes up with, there arises a need to seek out and embrace the unfamiliar lifestyle in this sedentary state. It is therefore, necessary for all of us to stay motivated to be able to adapt to new way of living to achieve our personal, professional and social goals.

Where on one hand, social and physical contacts are absent; our Institute has been able to continue walking on the path towards and into the hearts of our various stakeholders with the use of various digital channels.

I pay my sincere thanks to the entire Vasai Branch Managing Committee Members, Past Chairperson and all coordinator for playing a key role in an digital ambit of sharing, participating and keeping in touch with the stakeholders to fulfil their requirements which are also our own top-most priorities.

Noteworthy initiatives have been taken by our team, have served in the welfare of our stakeholders and have been instrumental in winning the trust.

Hope you have a joyful journey reading this newsletter that will enhance your knowledge!

I look forward to your valuable suggestions and feedback. Feel free to interact with me at vasaibranch@gmail.com.

Wishing all of you a good health! Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, and take care. With warm regards

Thanks & Regards,

CA. Ankit Rathi

Chairman – Vasai Branch of WIRC